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Music Crossroads Academy (Malawi)

Music Crossroads Academy is offering aspiring young musicians the chance to equip themselves with the knowledge and know-how to become professional musicians, and to take part in the competitive music industry. Situated just outside Lilongwe, MCA provides its students with an exciting and rewarding professional one-year certificate program, which provides a solid training in both the practical and theoretical dimensions of music education.

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Music Crossroads Academy (Mozambique)

Music Crossroads Mozambique is an arts and culture organization which for the past years has fueled creativity, innovation and cultural diversity for the youth through Music. Due to its diversity, the organization today is regarded as a hub that has nurtured talented musicians who have made it big in the Mozambican music industry. As a youth organization, we have reached a large audience in Southern Africa through the various activities such as festivals; and workshops aimed at enhancing the knowledge of all stakeholders in the sector. The establishment of the Music Crossroads Academy in 2013 has contributed immensely to the development of the music sector in Mozambique.

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Music Crossroads Academy (Zimbabwe)

Music Crossroads Academy in Zimbabwe was established in is a vibrant development oriented institution that uses music as a tool for youth empowerment. In 2013 we established a Music Academy which to date has enrolled 178 students into a one year Certificate program which has sent them teaching at various music school in and out of Zimbabwe, producing in studios, playing in professional bands and contributing to festivals and other notable music businesses.