In 2019 the Global Music e.V. was awarded a grant by the Stiftung Nord-Süd-Brücken (North-South-Bridges Foundation) to assist in the development of the Action Music Academy. The grant enabled Action Music Tanzania to acquire a property and renovate it, including the building of a small studio as well the acquisition of furniture and office equipment. The grant also supported the devolopment of the administrative capacity and the running costs for the Academy in the start-up phase for one year. In addition the Goethe-Institut provided instruments for the new Academy through the ‘Instrumentenspende’ fund from the German Foreign Office. The teaching staff at the academy are being trained in the East African Creative Music Campus. The renovation of the premises has been completed and the new Academy opened in December 2019.

2019 - 2020

Action Music Tanzania is also co-operating with the Goethe-Institut in Tanzania to provide access to upcoming young musicians in the country through two projects.

Midundo Chipkizi Emerging Artists Platform

The Goethe-Institut started a new format in 2019 called Midundo Chipkizi to provide a platform for emerging musicians. It is the only platform of its kind in Tanzania. AMTZ collaborates with the Goethe-Institut on the platform to help select participants, prepare them and produce their live performances. Through the partnership with the Action Music Academy the emerging artists also have access to professional coaching in voice, piano, guitar, bass, drums, percussion, guitar and saxophone.

Tunasikia Online Streaming Platform for Emerging Artists

The Goethe-Institut is collaborating with the Action Music Academy to develop a new online platform for emerging artists. The new platform uses on-line live music streaming music to present emerging artists in the country to a broader online audience in Tanzania and beyond its borders every second Sunday in the month. The Tunasikika content presentation is short and compact to challenge the artists to bring out the very best they can offer to a critical audience on the Internet and in social media.

Action Music Academy Tanzania is supported by:

Goethe Institute – International Partner of Global Music International
Federal Foreign Office Germany – Partner Global Music International