Manickam Yogeswaran | Pedagogic Coordinator South Asia Global Music Campus

Manickam Yogeswaran is the pedagogic co-ordinator of the South Asian Pilot Campus. The Sri Lankan singer, composer and multi-instrumentalist is also the co-ordinator of South Asian music at the Global Music Academy. Yogeswaran is an accomplished performer in the Carnatic tradition but he also enjoys crossing musical boundaries and leads an active musical life, performing in many countries.

He has written music for film, theatre and dance and is deeply involved with the peace movement in Sri Lanka. Manickam Yogeswaran is the driving force behind the campus initiative in Sri Lanka with the aim of giving young musicians in the country the opportunity to realize their full musical potential regardless of which community they come from.

South Asian Campus: Overall Pedagogic Co-ordination, Teacher Training, Curriculum Development

Modules: Vocal Technique, Melodic Training, South Asian Rhythmic Systems, Ensemble Training

Country: Sri Lanka/Germany

Institution: Global Music Academy